April 9, 2018

In a category with fierce and constant competition, Black Cove Spiced Rum found a way to stir up technology and creativity into a completely new presentation.

The client pressed ASL to find a way to help their brand get more attention while standing beside all its competitors in a passive retail environment. The solution was invented, in part, out of the problem. Low light conditions in restaurant/bar environments don’t make it easy for brands to stand out. The tables are turned however, if they glow in the dark. And that’s exactly what ASL Print FX provided. A glow in the dark label printed on clear stock for that “no label” look. Matte lamination and gloss varnish also helped provide unique contrast where it was needed. The result is a rum label that demands attention and looks every part the pirate that it is.

The story continues on the back. Gold stamping on the reverse of the bottle provides the ideal environment for a premium look and feel and the ability to tell more of the brand’s unique story.


A rebel sheds new light.

Black Cove is a spiced rum brand. The label was designed for a clear, shape conforming stock, but the designers and brand owners were looking to ASL Print FX for help in “jazzing up the label” to make it stand out from the shelf when merchandised in the low light. The glow in the dark technology (only the ship medallion area) is suited for off premise merchandising in bars, restaurants, and it helps the label to stand out in low light/dark conditions.


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