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ASL is the proud recipient of numerous print awards over its 50 year history.  We are tremendously proud of our track record in consistently winning awards in numerous print competitions from around the world. 

In essence, these awards are earned jointly with our customers.  Not for artistic merit, but for technical excellence.


Charlie MacLean accepts the 2014 Honourable Mention World Label Award for Creemore Springs Sunny and Share

ASL Print FX was awarded "Best of The Best" worldwide for Technical Excellence in printing for the production of the Rennie Estates wine label. Chosen by the World Label Association, the award was handed out in Brussels during the recent Labelexpo show. ASL Print FX was recognized for achieving the best results in technical excellence within the flexography category globally.

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In an unprecedented victory, ASL Print FX was recognized with the World Label Award for a 3rd year in a row.

This award was selected amongst 223 entries from 7 continents.

ASL Print FX receives Best of show honors at TLMI print competition.

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Dan Aykroyd 2010 Best of Show – Pressure Sensitive Wine labels

For the second year, ASL Print FX has been awarded the top prize in the TLMI print competition (Tag & Label Manufacturer Institute Inc.) for technical achievement. This time for the Red Tile Chardonnay label, designed by Popcorn Wines.

Quote from Matt Dixon, Brand Manager Diamond Estates Wines and Spirits:

"With the Dan Aykroyd label, as with most of our other labels, ASL Print FX has really hit the mark in not only coming up with what we desired for the Dan Aykroyd brand but going above and beyond to suggest new and innovative ideas to really make our label not only stand out, but sell. Winning the awards from the printing industry only solidifies our feelings on how well executed this label was from a concept on a piece of paper to the finished label on the wine bottle. Steve and everyone at ASL Print FX really were the ones that made this happen which we toast with a glass of Dan Aykroyd Wine."

There are three “elements” that comprise the judging guidelines for most print awards:

  1. Print execution:
    This involves image sharpness, registration, ink coverage, consistency (often there is a requirement for a full repeat off our presses to capture a full cycle, and not just a one off label).  Of course, these elements are essentially with the printer – these are, effectively, completely independent of the particular design.  It is purely about print execution, regardless of the design itself.

  2. Degree of difficulty:
    This captures the design itself:  substrate printability (uncoated vs coated stocks, for example), registration requirements of the design itself, print complexity, fineness of screen, tonal range, defect detectability (is the design such that defects are particularly hard to detect, thus “challenging the process”).

  3. Innovation:
    the last element is innovation.  Does the design incorporate unique “print elements”?

So, if we can sum it up, awards are given for the printer doing their jobs particularly well…. But they are really won when our customers “push the envelope” and really challenge the process capabilities…..  so, indeed, very much a joint effort, but our customers really are the drivers in pushing to get the most out of the process.


So, we thank all of our customers for working with us and challenging us to continue to go further – and be duly rewarded with an ever-growing shelf of prizes!

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