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All the limits have now been lifted.

In an industry once defined by what you couldn't do, we at ASL PrintFX would like to introduce a new approach to the design process.

Have a look around Designers Corner and check out how designers are changing the way they think about design. With HDFX, the possibilities are limitless.

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Wine and spirits

Consumer Packaged Goods Labeling

2010 FTA “Best of Show” Winner – Dan Aykroyd Riesling

HDFX Best Practices

Here, we feature HDFX best practices. ASL Print FX and the designer worked together to determine the optimum HDFX printing technique for the personality of the wine. Combined with creativity and imagination, these printing techniques took each package to a completely new level.

Our hope is that these possibilities will inspire your next design project.

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2010 FTA "Best of Show" Winner – Dan Aykroyd Riesling

"This label came alive to me. The microphone is very realistic because of the process printing, and the use of tactile varnish and holographic foil. It's not that the design of the label was so great (compared to others); it was what they did with the design.The label impressed me immediately and the more I saw it the more it grew on me."

FTA Judging Panel

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2010 TLMI "Best of Show" Winner

"…. ASL Print FX has really hit the mark in not only coming up with what we desired for the Dan Aykroyd brand but going above and beyond to suggest new and innovative ideas to really make our label not only stand out, but sell. Winning the awards from the printing industry only solidifies our feelings on how well executed this label was from a concept on a piece of paper to the finished label on the wine bottle..."

Matt Dixon, Brand Manager Diamond Wines & Spirits

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