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ASL Print FX Envelope

ASL Envelope

Scratch & Reveal Label on the Left, Stochastic print

Scratch & Reveal Label on the Left, HDFX print
Scratch & Reveal, Matte and gloss varnishes
Scratch & Reveal, Matte and gloss varnishes

It’s just an envelope until you speak to
ASL Envelope.

The creation of an envelope holds a very special place at ASL Print FX. (in fact, we created a division around it) It stems from over 150 years of combined experience working in collaboration with brand owners and their custodians.

Our HDFX technologies give us an edge in the envelope market. An edge our clients use to turn the every day envelope into a point of engagement and interaction.

If you’d like to contact someone about how we can turn your envelope into something special, please contact:
for more information or to request a package.

How HDFX Technologies makes a difference.

  • Variable Imaging (random, consecutive, alpha numeric, numeric) on your envelope.
  • 200 line HDFX printing.
  • Up to 10 print stations for colour and special effect print on your envelope.
  • Specialty effects printed in a single pass such as Variable Imaging, 4 colour scratch and reveal, foil effects, holographic effects, matte and gloss varnishes, scent, perforations and more on your envelope.
  • Specialty inks & Coatings such as glow in the dark, glitter, thermochromic, color shift on your envelope.
  • Brand security features on your envelope.
  • All Sizes of envelopes.
  • Custom Windows on your envelope.