Consumer Packaged Goods

McCormick label on a label
McCormick label on a label
Foil accents and Silkscreen
Foil accents and Silkscreen
Can Wraps – Holographic foil on the right
Can Wraps – Holographic foil on the right
Stochastic print
HDFX print

Think outside the package.

The retail environment is one of the most competitive playing fields in the marketing of brands to people. Here, decisions are made based on preconceived ideas that consumers bring to the table. But the final choice often comes down to the package – which one will they choose?

It’s our experience that even smart, highly creative designs can fall flat when executed poorly. Good ideas are compromised by ordinary print quality.

We can help you change the game.

“On average, shoppers spend less than 10 seconds viewing a typical grocery product category.”

Our HDFX systems give you the freedom to add texture, contrast, colour or additional print space to your package. It means we can leverage the power and efficiency of up to 12 print stations utilizing HDFX Screening – a process that delivers a 20 micron dot and near photographic quality reproduction.

“Shoppers never see over 33% of the brands on shelf, even when they actively consider a product category.”

This process allows you to:

  • Decorate with any combination of foil, lamination, effect varnishes and up to 5 silkscreens including raised varnish, all printed in a single pass.
  • Add texture and contrast with multilevel screening capability in a single pass.
  • Decorate with specialty inks and coatings such as color shift, glitter and chromic inks as well as a combination of matte, gloss and holographic varnishes.
  • Select from a wide variety of substrates including FDA approved, ECO-friendly and brand-security choices.
  • Print web based consumer loyalty programs – Variable Imaging for PIN programs including random, consecutive and alphanumeric.
  • Backprint to extend your printing surface.
  • Add printing surfaces with extended text labels to encourage consumer interaction with your package.

“80% of the time if they pick it up, they will buy.”

Labels and Packaging

  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Pouches
  • Can Wraps

“Unseen = Unsold”