Wine & Spirits

5 streams of red foil
5 streams of red foil

Clear film – The “no label look”
Clear film – The “no label look”
Black Vellum stock and Foil
Black Vellum stock and Foil

What are you saying to your audience?

What will your label say to the consumer that no other label can? How can you influence a decision in favour of your brand and not the 15 brands right beside yours? Is this art or is it science? Or something else?

As each and every wine and spirit label tries to create an emotional connection with the consumer, the competition is getting fierce. And it all happens in a mere few seconds.

"On average, shoppers spend less than 10 seconds viewing a typical grocery product category."

Through our proprietary HDFX printing techniques, we can show you ways to make your wine or spirit decoration Reach Out like it never has before.

"Shoppers never see over 33% of the brands on shelf, even when they actively consider a product category."

From the very simple to the incredibly complex, it’s an opportunity to trigger something inside the individual standing right in front of your offering. New possibilities like 3D, holographic, matte/gloss effects, foil, and texture are a few of the solutions we offer help your brand stand out from all the other brands.

Combined with design creativity and imagination, these printing techniques have the potential to take your brand to a completely new level.

"80% of the time if they pick it up, they will buy."

A few ways you can Reach Out with HDFX technology.

  • Decorate with up to 12 print stations and HDFX screening.
  • Decorate with any combination of foil, lamination, effect varnishes and up to 5 silk-screens including raised varnish in a single pass.
  • Decorate with Specialty Inks and Coatings such as Color Shift, Glitter, Chromic Technology, Holographic, Matte and Gloss Varnishes and more.
  • Add texture and contrast with multilevel screening capability in a single pass.
  • Decorate with foil. We offer extensive and diverse qualities, textures and colours of foil for all packaging needs including holographic and patterned foils.

"Unseen = Unsold"