Prepress & Proofing

Prepress & Proofing

Printing is about getting the details right.

At ASL Print FX, before we take a print project close to the press, we make sure everything is as it should be. Perfect.

That means having 100% of our pre-press services, 100% in-house. This set up gives our customers the best and most efficient service when it comes to pre-press and proofing.

As well, we were one of the first converters in North America to offer HDFX screening. The ability to print a 20 micron dot allows us to achieve close to continuous tone imaging. Softer shadows, smoother highlights and near photographic quality images.

Our Flexcel NX plating system provides consistent structure and repeatability on press – the result of the stable flat top dot structure.

This document describes the UNWIND direction for rolls of labels printed at ASL Print FX. Download PDF.

This document provides guidelines as to how to supply ASL Print FX artwork. Download PDF.