McCormick up close and personal.

McCormick is the leading global supplier of value-added flavour solutions. ASL Print FX, with McCormick and their design team, Marovino Visual Strategy, had one goal in mind – to make McCormick brands the consumer’s destination for spices.

The process included intense discussion and different print trials. We were able to gain a better understanding of McCormick's and Marovino's objectives, enabling us to recommend the right material, the right print techniques and the right solution – the Clear Solution.

We moved from a traditional 54# semi-gloss paper, to a clear conformable film that elegantly wraps around the 4 corners of the pedestal bottle. This clear material lets the spices tell their own story. This contemporary design comes to life with HDFX screening. Our flat-top dots produce vibrant colours, smooth vignettes and photo-finish quality.

Behind the scenes there are other benefits to McCormick that the consumer does not see: The substrate is dispensed to the pedestal bottle on a PET liner. More labels per roll means fewer roll change-overs in the plant. The inks are dispensed using an automated ink dispensing system that provides exact measurements of equity colours from run to run, from product to product, providing accuracy and repeatability for this iconic brand.

We at ASL Print FX always believe packaging can help drive revenue. With this in mind, we help brands reach out to their audience right at the point of purchase.

"We wanted a more contemporary, upscale look that also leveraged fresh and natural," says Linda Stiles, Product Manager of McCormick Canada, citing the use of compelling label photography showing the product in its natural, unprocessed state; the easy-to-read, clean modern font; and helpful tips for using the product highlighted on the side or back panel.

Clear Solution technology lets your customers get right "into" your product. They can see what they're buying, without losing the key points you need to communicate.

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