6-time winner Dan Aykroyd brings it home.

This extreme example of unfair advantage also caught the eye of the printing community as it debuted in 2010, becoming a 6 - time winner. It was selected for Best of Show at the TLMI Awards and then, without missing a beat, went on to win a World Label Award for technical achievement at the World Label Awards. It's always nice to be recognized, the world over!

And of course it's always nice to be recognized by our clients.

"With the Dan Aykroyd label, as with most of our other labels, ASL Print FX has really hit the mark in not only coming up with what we desired for the Dan Aykroyd brand but going above and beyond to suggest new and innovative ideas to really make our label not only stand out, but sell. Winning the awards from the printing industry only solidifies our feelings on how well executed this label was from a concept on a piece of paper to the finished label on the wine bottle. Steve and everyone at ASL Print FX really were the ones that made this happen which we toast with a glass of Dan Aykroyd Wine."

Matt Dixon of Diamond Estates.

The only real way to evaluate the power this label however, is to judge for yourself – enjoy!

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