The rewards of many awards.

Not only has Red Tile managed to garner attention from the wine drinking population, it has also earned some respect in the printing community. ASL Print FX was awarded Best of Show and 1st place for the innovative methods used to print Red Tile.

"When I look at the label, I hear Mandolins play and wine glasses clinking….. the label comes to life. The tactile effect is amazing."

And our client was very happy too:

"We approached ASL Print FX and asked them to enhance our Red Tile design with unique printed textures and effects. The enhancements they selected took our design to a whole new level. We are proud that this label has taken the world label award for technical achievement in printing but what stands out for us the most was the confidence we had in the folks at ASL during our collaboration and design process. We talked about the brand, the personality of the wine and areas of focus in the design. their team "got it" and executed stunning enhancements that helped make this brand move off store shelves and win awards too!"

Prospect Brands - 2012

Check out our award-winning print techniques.

For the second consecutive year, ASL Print FX has won the top prize for technical achievement at the 22nd Annual World label Awards-this time for the Red Tile Chardonnay label designed by Prospect Brands.

The label recently took Best of Show as well as first place in the annual TLMI print competition in the Wine & Spirits, Flexography/Letterpress, Color Process, Prime category.

The Red Tile label incorporates several eye-catching decoration technologies, all printed in one pass.

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