Ed from Tank Garage Winery
March 25, 2020
ASL Print FX’s Coronavirus Statement
March 25, 2020

Travis and I met in a bar! We got around to chatting and, Travis pitched me on ASL. It was a very soft sell. I was a little hesitant because I had used the same printing company for years. I hate changing printing companies! Getting to know different people can be hard. You get used to a certain way of doing things. The last time I changed the company was full of promises they did not deliver. It was a disaster. They had to reprint the labels and they still didn’t get them right.

But with ASL it was different. They understood the issues of changing printers and offered to prototype a label for free to prove their chops. Travis and his team don’t just accept the design you hand them. They think about the labels and ways to enhance the overall concept. For Angry Kiwi Rose, they printed samples of a couple of designs, where they came up with the idea of color options. Throughout the process Travis was respectful of other relationships I had in play.

Labels are critical to the marketing of any wine, so while my budget was very tight, I didn’t want to do a boring label. I like to push the envelope within my budget, which requires a big picture conceptual view. ASL was very good at providing a conceptual view and innovative approaches to meet my goals.


ASL raised and exceeded my expectations of what the label for Angry Kiwi Rose could be. Their hybrid printer blew me away. Amazing!

Travis is very talented. Definitely not an order taker! Which is refreshing. He loves labels, he works quickly and comes up with creative ideas in the moment. ASL provided us with cost effective solutions and highlighted what we could save without compromising the result.

Great people with good people skills, and good to hang out with…

Angry Kiwi Wines

Travis (Left) & Martin (Right)


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