Supply Chain Delays

Team ASL Spotlight: Rebecca Pisahl
September 13, 2021
Value Engineering in the Label Industry
August 2, 2022

The economy seems to be recovering after the pandemic for the past two years. Business is improving, however, there is one glaring problem and that is the supply chain issue. Paper stock availability has become limited and unpredictable. As a result, lead times are inevitably longer than usual. 

The printing industry is no exception to supply chain issues that have thrown curveballs at various manufacturing segments. Increasing raw material costs and mill allocations, coupled with labour shortages, have made paper stocks scarce.

To make sure that our customers receive their orders on time, ASL Print FX has been working closely with the suppliers to find a solution to get around this major problem. ASL has tried to mitigate the toll of this situation by communicating with both suppliers and customers to order ahead, forecasting the paper demand, building a solid contingency plan, and value engineering. 

To keep up with the supply chain delays it is important to get updates frequently and plan the next step accordingly. ASL achieves this by being in constant communication with our suppliers and monitoring the everyday events in the industry. Having a solid understanding of paper needs puts ASL in an advantageous position as it looks for various sources to supply its demands. By doing this we are able to keep customers aware and up to date when we are seeing any changes. This allows us to make decisions to help mitigate delays. 

Planning ahead will give the best advantage when it comes to supply chain delays. To help with this, ASL works closely with our customers on forecasting and order history, which allows us to understand their needs and get ahead of delays. 

This pandemic has reminded the industry about the importance of having a contingency plan. Having alternative options is the best way to alleviate risk. By having multiple locations across North America with similar capabilities, ASL is prepared to help the customers respond effectively to a significant future incident such as paper supply shortages. This advantage allows us to not just rely on one location, but to be able to use another facility if needed.

The supply chain problem has consequently resulted in an increase in raw material prices and on top of that port congestion has driven up shipping costs. Through value engineering, ASL’s expert team can aid in absorbing these additional costs by finding alternative solutions. ASL assists our clients by reviewing the way their labels are currently run and engineering a way to stay within budget. 

Pressure-sensitive labels have been disrupted by the current supply chain obstructions. Despite this predicament, ASL has shown our customers that we are certainly capable of pivoting to address obstacles that arise and that they can rely on our services and solutions even during trying times. The future is bright for ASL and our customers. No matter the circumstance we adapt and seek new innovative solutions to bring the best to our customers.