Value Engineering in the Label Industry

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August 2, 2022
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August 18, 2022

When designing and printing labels, value engineering probably isn’t part of your normal process, especially given your focus on aesthetic characteristics. However, if added to the overall printing process, a value engineering exercise can produce some very creative design solutions and cost savings.

Given the challenges facing today and the prices rising in every corner, many companies are re-examining all costs associated with selling and marketing their brands. And this is where value engineering can provide a helpful framework. A value engineering approach provides the necessary functions within a project while ensuring that it is as cost-effective as possible. It involves substituting cheaper materials and methods for more functional ones while keeping the desired quality. For labels, value engineering does not necessarily mean removing embellishments all together, yet it can be done by finding alternatives solutions, most cost effective embellishments, and material.

“Value engineering critically examines the contribution made to product value by each feature of a design. It then looks to deliver the same contribution at lower cost.” Institute of Management Services.


Labels have to work hard. We should ask the same of our printing partners. Here are three value engineering approaches that can streamline your costs while preserving the esteem value of your brand:

  1. Align packaging costs with the brand’s Cost of Goods (COGS) without sacrificing aesthetic brand characteristics.
  2. Streamline bottling efficiencies.
  3. Add line extensions without undue cost burdens.