Groupe Triani Testimonial

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August 2, 2022
Team ASL Spotlight: Jessica Baldwin
September 13, 2022
Groupe Triani has been working with ASL Print FX since September 2020.

They believe that the ASL team has delivered exceptional service throughout their experience with us and has managed to provide the best quality while maintaining low prices. When asked what challenges the ASL team has helped them with, Groupe Triani shared: based on the new restrictions by Recyc Quebec, Groupe Triani needed to redo all of their beer labels and ASL has managed to navigate a solution to ease the process.

When beginning to work with ASL, Groupe Triani would recommend putting trust in the ASL team’s experience and knowledge. 

One important aspect that stood out for Groupe Triani from their experience in working with ASL, was our great and timely customer service which they’ve received from ASL’s CSRs and Account Managers throughout. Clear communication has helped them to plan out appropriate solutions when facing challenges.

Nancy Campbell
Responsable Planification de la production et Approvisionnements
Groupe Triani