Team ASL Spotlight: Jessica Baldwin

Groupe Triani Testimonial
August 18, 2022
Team ASL Spotlight – Diana McAdams
November 16, 2022
“I started with ASL back in 2020 when Covid was just finding its feet.  After working in the bottle industry for the previous 12 years, I was thrilled to continue seeing so many of the same faces!
Working as a Strategic Account Manager puts me out in many industries including Wine of course,  along with Spirits, Beer, Food and Cosmetic.  Working with ASL has been a revelation quite honestly.
I can humbly say this is a company with true heart and ethics. I mean they are top shelf for expertise, innovation, capability, and high quality but it’s the human element that will always impress me the most. I NEED that.  People stay here and for good reason. Our partnered customers stay here and for good reason. 
Going from bottles (packaging) to Labels has been quite the eye opening experience that’s for sure!  Just when you think you can’t learn any more – BOOM!  Tons more!  It’s an exciting, ever changing field and it sure does keep me on my toes.  Which is apparently where I need to be!
Favorite part of my job is that I get to work with such a stellar group of individuals here, and represent a company that I am truly proud of. That really does make a huge difference in my own quality of life. Working with such creative minds in the various industries and a myriad of projects every day is wonderful! 
Best part; going from start to finish and seeing that gorgeous brand spring to life on the shelf boasting a label that demands attention.  Delighted customers and then getting to say ‘WE DID THOSE!’  It’s the right kind of pride and well earned.
I live in Hudson, Qc with my husband Patrick, and two bald cats named Malcolm and Trevor.  Come to think of it, all three of them are bald so there you go!  Very much in the country and away from the noise and bustle of the city! 
I’m a social person (shocker) and every weekend is a busy one!  Rain or shine, there’s always an occasion to get together with friends and family and celebrate the wonderful humans in my life.”